Reincarnated As A Dragons Egg

Dragon Egg Chapter 177

Here’s the weekly chapter of Dragon Egg. We’d like to apologize for all the inconvenience caused last week when our site pages couldn’t load. Please welcome Humin, Saronin and Archon, who have joined the Dsrealm team as a translator, editor and proofreader respectively. Special thanks to Yomigaeru from Yado Inn who helped TLC the chapter. We need translators, translation checkers and editors! Drop by our Discord if you’re interested or just want to chat!

TL: Humin

TLC: Yomigaeru

ED: bluegolem, Saronin

PR: Sebas Tian, lordtalon

Ch. 177 – The Ianians


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Reincarnated As A Dragons Egg

Dragon Egg Chapter 176

Hello everyone, sorry for not uploading any new chapters over the last few weeks. Our translators have all been busy with stuff irl and haven’t really had the time to translate chapters. Therefore, we’ll be changing our schedule to only 1 chapter per week. That being said, we’re currently looking for more translators, translation checkers and editors/proofreaders to speed up releases. No experience is required. Special thanks to Yomigaeru from Yado Inn for helping to TLC the chapter. Join our Discord!

TL: Cat-aclysm

TLC: Yomigaeru

ED: Sebas Tian, lordtalon

PR: Lyncth

Ch. 176 – Meeting Up

Reincarnated As A Dragons Egg

Dragon Egg Chapter 174

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy Chinese New Year to all our readers! Here’s the second chapter of the week. Due to travel, one of our translators will be unavailable next week, so next week’s chapters might be reduced to only one chapter. Join us on Discord to chat with us or to join our team. (we need translation checkers!)

TL: Cat-aclysm

ED: bluegolem, lordtalon

PR: Sebas Tian

Ch. 174 – The End of The Lord of the Desert