Dullahan Chapter 9

Hello everyone, we have recently picked up a new novel called: Im a Dullahan Looking for my head. Check it out if it interests you. There is a ToC where you could find the rest of the chapters which were done by zenith novels. For those of you wondering, yes we are still going to be releasing chapters of Dragons Egg.

Also we may open a poll up in the upcoming weeks for a possible site design change. Anyway, here’s a chapter of Dullahan.

Ch. 9 – Finishing the Request and Departure


Chapter 163

Hello, with the holidays coming along I hope to be able to bring out more chapters.

Today’s chapter was translated by a new translator who goes by the name Navimont. Let’s welcome his debut into the world of translating 🙂 p.s. next chapter has also been translated by him. 

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Ch. 163


Chapter 161

Hello, sorry about the lack of releases but here’s a chapter. Also please welcome a new editor!

“Hi, I’m Lyncth. Nice to meet you! I’ll be helping out with editing dragon egg from now on so please treat me well! >.< On another note, would you prefer if I edited translated sentences to follow English sentence structures or keep it as close as possible to how it was written by the author?”

Ch. 161