Chapter 158

Darby here! In case anyone was wondering/caring, I was the translator for this chapter and left a couple notes in. If you guys don’t like them, let us know and we can remove them! Obviously, Damatish was the editor this time around. Next chapter the roles will be switched!

Ch. 158


News and Chapter 157

Hello, sorry for taking so long. But good news! There is now another translator joining which should help with this and future projects! So everyone help me welcome Darby! and with his welcome here’s his first chapter translated! Also joins us on Discord¬†https://discord.gg/HCrd4K7: if you want to talk or have any questions that you really want to discuss or if you just want to talk. Enjoy

Ch. 157


Chapter 155

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Ch. 155


Chapter 153

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Ch. 153


Chapter 151

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Ch. 151