Chapter 139

Hello, as you may have seen there has been a lot of suggestions as to which novels I should pick up. As there is only me at the moment I cant do all of them but, I decided that I will take on two. As to which two ill let you guys decide. Poll is open, please choose up to 5 and Ill translate whichever two get the most votes.  It will be located in the fan page section of this site. I will give out more details on the matter after the poll ends, which will be on Tuesday, 11/5/2017. Other then that, Enjoy.

Ch. 139

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Bluewolf PT

i know its late but i just remembered 1 more and this une is JP maybe u will see it XD

Its name is “Woof Woof Story – I Told You I am a Rich Person’s Dog, Not Fenrir ”

Bluewolf PT

P.s i already voted ( but i left 1 vote for this one XD)


But good part of these are being translated.
Do you intend to do it in parallel?


if it is not late, I would have two recommendations to give but I think one of them was abandoned by the author, one would be the Hiraheishi wa Kako wo Yumemiru (probably abandoned) and the MEMORIZE, is a Korean novel but I found the story very interesting, she was being translated until recently until the responsible site undergoes changes and it seems that abandoned the novel, if it is not late in relation to the recommendations I present these two



In case you want the source of the raws, I can search for you