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Dragon Egg Chapter 167

Here’s another chapter of Dragon Egg! I apologize in advance if you find the editing in this chapter lacking. Anyway, would you, the readers, prefer it if the POV narration was in present continuous tense or in past tense? Do write your views on this in the comments. Once again, special thanks to Yomigaeru from Yado Inn for helping to tl check this chapter. Remember to join our Discord for updates for Dragon Egg and Dullahan!

P.S. we’re still recruiting!

Translator: Navimont

Translation checker: Yomigaeru

Editor: Lyncth

Ch.167 – Prisoner of War

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Thanks for the chapter!
Ball Rabbit means business! (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง
Man really excited for Adofu talking with our MC; my favorite parts are always people learning what he’s actually like.

Bluewolf PT

I prefer present continuous tense but i don’t really mind if u prefer doing it in the past tense.




Youre translating Dullahan? I thought that was a dead project, thank you so much for picking it up. Im looking forward to your future translations, than you for the chapter.