Reincarnated As A Dragons Egg

Dragon Egg Chapter 172

On behalf of the entire dsrealm team, I’d like to apologise to the readers for the late release. Due to many of us having rl work to deal with this week, this week’s dragon egg chapters were delayed, so we’ll only be releasing one chapter this week. We’re very sorry about that. On another note, our team is growing! Welcome to Sebas Tian and Cat-aclysm who have joined us as an editor and translator respectively. We’re still in dire need of another in-house translation checker though. Do contact us on Discord if you’re interested. Special thanks to Yoshi from Light Novel Bastion for helping us to tlc this chapter.

TL: Navimont

TLC: Yoshi

ED: Sebas Tian

PR: Lyncth

Ch. 172 – Head On Encounter

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Bluewolf PT

hi Sebas Tian and Cat-aclysm WELCOME the team and tks for joining it. tks for the chapter


Thanks for the chapter!

Also, the in chapter comments aren’t working.


Isn’t Sebas Tian also an editor for Death Mage?


Meatbun Delivery~
Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)