Reincarnated As A Dragons Egg

Dragon Egg Chapter 176

Hello everyone, sorry for not uploading any new chapters over the last few weeks. Our translators have all been busy with stuff irl and haven’t really had the time to translate chapters. Therefore, we’ll be changing our schedule to only 1 chapter per week. That being said, we’re currently looking for more translators, translation checkers and editors/proofreaders to speed up releases. No experience is required. Special thanks to Yomigaeru from Yado Inn for helping to TLC the chapter. Join our Discord!

TL: Cat-aclysm

TLC: Yomigaeru

ED: Sebas Tian, lordtalon

PR: Lyncth

Ch. 176 – Meeting Up

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Luis costa

Tks for the chapter


All good! ty for the hard work!


Tks for the chapter