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Dragon Egg Chapter 177

Here’s the weekly chapter of Dragon Egg. We’d like to apologize for all the inconvenience caused last week when our site pages couldn’t load. Please welcome Humin, Saronin and Archon, who have joined the Dsrealm team as a translator, editor and proofreader respectively. Special thanks to Yomigaeru from Yado Inn who helped TLC the chapter. We need translators, translation checkers and editors! Drop by our Discord if you’re interested or just want to chat!

TL: Humin

TLC: Yomigaeru

ED: bluegolem, Saronin

PR: Sebas Tian, lordtalon

Ch. 177 – The Ianians

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Ty for the hard work! and welcome, Humin, Saronin, Archon :D!

Bluewolf PT

Hi guys welcome and tks for the chapter