Dragon Egg: ToC


I woke up in an unknown forest.

It seems like this place is a fantasy world where strange-looking beasts run rampant. And just like in a game, I seem to be able to check mine and my enemies’ ability.

Let’s hunt monsters and gather titles in order on level up and evolve into a higher dragon!

And I heard a mysterious voice in my head, “Let’s aim to be the strongest!”

Chapter List:


Ch. 1-9 By A Traveler’s Translations

Ch. 10-28 By 87 percent translation

Ch. 29-36 By Januketranslation

Ch. 37-109 By Reincarnation Translations

Ch. 110 King Centipede

Ch. 111 Escape

Ch. 112 Felis Huma

Ch. 113 Conversation

Ch. 114 Beastman Nina

Ch. 115 Tale of a Certain Brave Man (side story)

Ch. 116 Huge Cactus

Ch. 117 Wild Thorn Child

Ch. 118 Mirage

Ch .119 Cacti Dismantling

Ch. 120 The Evil Dragon, Cat Person and Ball Rabbit

Ch. 121 A Second Conversation

Ch. 122 Hyena

Ch. 123 Ball Rabbit vs Camel

Ch. 124

Spoiler Title

Ch. 125 Telepathy

Ch. 126 Ruler of Paradise

Ch. 127 Slug Hell

Ch. 128 Large Slug Hell

Ch. 129 Cleanup

Ch. 130 Dream Paradise

Ch. 131 Nina’s Destination

Ch. 132 Soldiers of Haranae

Ch. 133 One to Eight

Ch. 134 A Brief Rest

Ch. 135 Emotional Reunion

Ch. 136 Sacrifice

Ch. 137 Centipede Beam

Ch. 138 Angry Huge Centipede

Ch. 139 Mysterious Underground Passage

Ch. 140 Red Ant

Ch. 141 Ant Extermination

Ch. 142 Hell Hole

Ch. 143 Outnumbered

Ch. 144 The Great Escape

Ch. 145 Tale of a Certain Brave Man 2 (side story)

Ch. 146 Tale of a Certain Brave Man 3 (side story)

Ch. 147 What Now

Ch. 148 The Least

Ch. 149 Bone Fishing Rod

Ch. 150 Fishing

Ch. 151 Big Catch

Ch. 152 Meal

Ch. 153 Tale of a Certain Brave Man 4 (side story)

Ch. 154 If Today is the Last

Ch. 155 Acquiring White Magic

Ch. 156 Dragon Scales

Ch. 157 Nina

Ch. 158 Adofu Ahrens

Ch. 159 One-on-One Fight on The Beach

Ch. 160 Brave

Ch. 161 The Man

Ch. 162 Tale of a Certain Brave Man 5 (side story)

Ch. 163 Tale of a Certain Brave Man 6 (side story)

Ch. 164 Tale of a Certain Brave Man 7 (side story)

Ch. 165 Tale of a Certain Brave Man 8 (side story)

Ch. 166 Invitation

Ch. 167 Prisoner of War

Ch. 168 A Certain Brave Man’s Story

Ch. 169 Resolution

Ch. 170 The Third Meeting

Ch. 171 Maximum Power

Ch. 172 Head On Encounter

Ch. 173 Giant Centipede

Ch. 174 The End of The Lord of the Desert

Ch. 175 Colossal Experience Points

Ch. 176 Meeting Up

Ch. 177

Ch. 178

Ch. 179

Ch. 180