Ch. 120 The Evil Dragon, Cat Person and Ball Rabbit

I cut the cactus remains into pieces with the tips of my nails to make it easier to eat. I collected and arranged them on top of the cactus skin so as not to get them dirty, avoiding the ones glazed in my saliva as much as possible. Seeing the ball rabbit approaching I use my tail and secure it in place.

[Normal Skill [[Dragon Tail]] Lv increased from 1 to 2]

Is it even possible to do such a thing?

I should use my tail more often.

“Pefu! Pefu!”

The ball rabbit starts hitting my foot with its ears.

Endure me.

I could eat it so easily, as if it was part of my saliva.


The ball rabbit drops its ears in disappointment. While it was resentfully looking at me, I dragged my body and approached the mountain of saliva glazed cactus. Should I eat it after all? No, I don’t hate its guts after all.

Nina woke up in the meantime.

Looking at me, she let out a “hinyaa” and retreated.


I tried to call out, but as soon as Nina heard it she screamed “Nya!”, so I closed my mouth.

I show that I’m cutting the cactus and desperately arranged them with my toe, and laugh with a full smile. Perhaps it would have been better to just slightly narrow my eyes a bit instead.

Nina looks at me and open her cat eyes in a strange way, and then turns her eyes towards the skin of the cactus that she’s laying on. Then she turns her eyes towards me again. Anyway, so as to not be intimidating, I curl up on the spot and lower my line of sight.

“Uhm, maybe, You want me to accept it….Nya?”

It seems that my intention got through. When I nodded a few times, Nina laughed a little. It seems that the tension faded a bit.

“Oh, thank you-nya.”

Tears came to my eyes when I heard Nina say so. To say thank you, there are only two people to say such words to me in this world.

By instinct, I emotionally stand up. Because I suddenly moved, Nina’s body trembled from being scared, and she put up her arm in front of my body. Hah…This wasn’t very wise to do.

The ball rabbit spits out the skin of the cactus that had been in its mouth and goes over towards Nina while dragging its ears. What is it ball rabbit, what are you going to do?

When the ball rabbit gets to her side, it slowly lowers Nina’s raised arm.

“Ball rabbit….? Are you the Dragon’s emergency food…?


What!? I won’t do something like that!

I shake my head in full force.


The ball rabbit bounces at Nina’s feet. While struggling a bit, Nina stretches her hands towards the ball rabbit and holds it up. The ball rabbit sits in the arms of Nina, it doesn’t look to bad.

“Wow, how cute…..”

Nina s stiff body loosens up a bit. The ball rabbit looks at me with a proud face.

It was good to deal with Nina’s nervousness…but why do I feel something’s not right….ball rabbit, haven’t you tried to eat Nina before?

Looks are important after all….

I wonder if I should have aimed to be like that instead in my evolution’s. I would have liked to be a fluffy dragon. A sheep dragon, or a cloud dragon, something like that. I recall all the wasteful evolution’s and titles I gained, hah, it’s useless to think about it now.

What can I even aim for now at this point? Is there anything? Should I eat a sheep every day?

I know that Nina will stiffen up again if I approached, so I decided to create a little distance. As soon as I opened up about 10 meters, I quickly recommended the cactus with my hand.

Nina should be thirsty by now. Still she doesn’t approach the cactus, it seems she is still cautious of me. Even though she said “Thank you” a little while ago, I wonder if she feels awkward dining with a dragon.

Nina timidly bows to me. She gets closer to the cactus and takes a hold of one while looking at me as if asking.

I’m not making you eat so you can fatten up you know!

You can be sure of it!

I have never eaten any humans!

Nina pulls in the cactus but she doesn’t start eating it. It seems that since I was the one who brought it, she is doubtful whether its really food? But, it smells so sweet, if you are thirsty and hungry it’s best to eat. Is it just because you’re afraid of me….?


The ball rabbit rubs against Nina’s feet and lets out a cry. Then the ball rabbit gently looks at me and narrows its eyes while shaking its head a little.

Oh, now that I’m looking at it, Nina’s movements have become stiff, maybe because I was staring at her….

I was getting “You are staring to much” and “There’s too much pressure because you keep staring”, indications from the ball rabbit. I moved my gaze away, and Nina finally brought a piece of the cactus to her mouth.

Hmm, seems like this is the first time Nina has eaten cactus, after having taken a bite she started blinking and her eyes rounded. Well it is pretty delicious. It’s impossible to not be surprised. As I guessed, she was quite hungry, she’s biting at it full of vigor. The ball rabbit also started eating a little bit of the food, but it helped to alleviate Nina’s cautiousness, did you think I wouldn’t notice?

When Nina finishes eating, should I talk with her using [[Human Transformation Technique]] and ask her where she wants to go from here? I’ll do that next….maybe. It does consume a lot of MP though. It won’t be good if it becomes empty again.

Well, should I eat the remains that are covered in my spit? Thinking back to it….its from that time. After all I don’t feel like eating my own saliva. Looking at it while thinking of what had happened, it looks more dirty than necessary. Does the bacteria start to grow on it as soon as it touches the air?

I did not think about it when I did it to the ball rabbit.

Was it actually really bad? Sorry, ball rabbit.

But I should eat even if I think it’s disgusting. I’ll give it a try, but only a little.


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