Ch. 138 Angry Huge Centipede

I check the ground by lightly tapping it with my foot.

Yup, this is pretty hard. So much so, that the centipede won’t be able to easily break it.

I open my mouth and release Nina and the ball rabbit, then slowly rise.

Although the ceiling is low enough that I’ll have to lean forward a bit, it won’t trouble me too much traveling through here.

Maybe because my body is heavier, recently I’m more comfortable with leaning forward anyway. It may be the default for quadruped walking after evolving. Or is this more like devolving?

Well anyway the lateral width is a little narrow, but just wide enough to change directions.

The ball rabbit who was upside down rolls itself over with its ears and gets up.


It cheekily lets out a sound of resentment upon looking at me.

It couldn’t be helped!

I covered you with my tongue as much as possible so that you won’t be affected by the impact as much as possible, so was it really that bad? Why?

Well, when I think about it, the smell of my mouth may have gotten bad….

Nina is lying exhausted on the ground.

Although out of breath, there doesn’t seem to be an immediate crises to her life in terms of status. After feeling some relief from that, I slowly look back.


As usual, the huge centipede lets out a disturbing screech from its mouth, scrapping its legs on the wall, looking busy.

Please go home…..

What? Could it be that it fell through by chance?

You should have returned home after poking your head in for a bit. Even if this place is big, you are still a big insect.

Maybe, can I do it now? After it spit out most of its MP, it can’t move.

Looks like this is a good thing.

The experience value will be immense if I finish you off here. You’re a high level rank B after all.

Standing in front of the crazy huge centipede, I check its status

Race: Giant Sand Centipede

State: Normal

Lv: 63/80

HP: 455/455

MP: 54/241

As I thought, its MP is almost drained.

The huge centipede doesn’t have [[Auto HP Recovery]], but it does have [[Auto MP Recovery]].

Ohho, looks like I could hurt you a little bit for all the times you annoyed me!

With my hatred up to now, I will one-sidedly attack you past the safe zone!

I breathed in with my heart beating strongly, then approached so as not to make any sounds with my footsteps.

I understand that it makes no sense, but isn’t it still scary?

He is gnawing his huge fangs about which were on his left and right.  Stop it, or you will lose a tooth.

It’s not really a fang, so is it a forefoot…which do you prefer?

I get within range and let out a [[Scorching Breath]] at its head. The flame wraps around its head, but there is no damage at all.

Its laughable, after all, it may be hopeless since there is a difference of 30 Lv’s or more even in the same rank.

I only need to attack from a distance, after all there is [[Kamaitachi]] and [[Plague Breath]].

Well…[[Scorching Breath]] was no good, and somehow I don’t think [[Kamaitachi]] will work either…I guess…

[[Plague Breath]] takes time, so it’s not practical, there is also the probability that the air will flow and affect the ball rabbit and Nina. If I were to raise its level it might work, but by then I will have gone crazy.

Why don’t I resolve myself and fight closeup?

Life in the desert will be much easier if I can get out of here. There is no guarantee against this huge centipede, but if I raise my Lv then it may be a good fight.

Timidly, I took a step forward, and the ball rabbit let out a “pefu!”, obviously telling me to be careful.


Yellow liquid sprayed out of the huge centipedes mouth. Crap! Its his skill [[Acid Spit]]!

I cover my front with my wings as I jump back. At that moment I was stuck by something and pushed back.


The acid spit was a trap.

Since it probably thought that I would prevent it with my wings it used it to block my sight, pushed through the gap a bit and jumped in.

Although I fell on my back, I rounded and rolled backwards around the aisle and took a distance from the huge centipede. Because I could see that I was closing in on the ball rabbit I canceled [[Roll]] and braked with my tail so as not to run them over.

Dangerous, dangerous, if I hesitated there for even a moment, I would have been crushed by the huge centipede. Have you jumped in here fully huge centipede? But this time, this time its whole body has entered. You should have retired already, now you can’t move at all with this.

Well, should I restart now? Since its now immobile, it’s now the best time to defeat him, because we are now face to face I just have to hit it from the front. This is the only thing I can do based on the difference in status.

For now, ill try to use [[Kamaitachi]] outside of the huge centipedes range.

Flapping my wings, I start sending out magic power into the air. Due to the narrowness of this aisle, my wings rub against the walls.

The wind blades hit the huge centipedes face, but its doesn’t seem like it’s doing any damage. As expected, if I try doing it this way then my MP will run out before I can do anything.

If the huge centipede did not have automatic restoration I might have been able to manage, but with the way it is now there is no use thinking about it.

I give up and adjust the wind blade to a smaller size and aim for the front leg of the huge centipede. A shot is sent out, and a break appears on the foot, as body fluids seep out.

Oh, I can about it this way.


Its getting angry.

I continued to shoot two shots until one of the feet was cut and flew. However, there are a lot of legs, and from this position I can only aim at the ones in the front.

[Normal Skill [[Kamaitachi]]’s Lv increased from 2 to 3]

Oh yeah, it’s here.

It’s quite useful so I’d like to keep raising it.

The huge centipede bounces around with anger and hits its head on the ceiling and floor.

The passageway slightly shakes, but there is no sign of it breaking.

Hmm, it’s sturdy. Who ever made it, id also like to make such a wonderful residence.

I thought that I should also cut off the foot on the opposite side, but it doesn’t make senses to provoke it anymore.

As using [[Kamaitachi]] consumes quite a bit of MP every time, I can’t keep sending them out wastefully.

Also, since the huge centipede is blocking one side already, I still have to walk through this unknown passageway.

I face my back towards the huge centipede and look ahead down the passageway….I was late in noticing because of the thick wall, but there is something about this place. Me being distracted by the huge centipede also didn’t help though.

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I don’t think they would mind having some one help out.

johonson santos

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I recommend the Next Life

Mc is pretty op with nice plot

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~Traveling Chef~

thanks for the chapter~
is there any kind of genre or tag you’d like or dislike the story to have?
would you prefer something more serious or more slice of life?

~Traveling Chef~

this one was pretty interesting but no one is doing anything with it atm
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Thanks for the update


there is the sword saint disciple which is a bit of comedy
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She professed herself the pupil of the wiseman would be a nice read.

johonson santos

look this
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Recommendations! or Master of monster as otherwise recommended.

Or one of many abandoned ero novels if you feel like it.

Ill throw in my five cents as Well. Isekai ryouridou(wn) /cooking with wildgame(ln) is a lighthearted kinda sliceoflife. Its about a Cook who ends up in another worlds tribe. It theoretically gets translated By and skythewood ,But 1st machine translates 1 ch in 3 months and 2nd put it on hiatus(?) without any notice

Thx for the chapter o/
i really love this serie:

It’s about isekai where the MC, a 40 YO salary man got to transmigrated to another world with his also 40 YO MAX LV D&D Wizard character that he would use to play with. His magic system is vastly different from that of the new world (new world use JRPG like system) and is pretty much OP, but MC is a down to earth guy with good moral and decides to use his powers for good instead of letting himself be consumed by it.

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