Ch. 143 Outnumbered

“kucha, kucha!” “kuchaa!” “kucha!”

“kuachi!” “kucha!” “kucha!” “kucha!”

The red ants are coming.

Calm down, calm down.

I won’t survive if I panic.

There is a good chance that only two of them have a high level. Even so, there’s so many of them that it doesn’t really matter. I should check their status first before I start worrying, I may be able to get through this depending.

If everyone is around Lv 10, then I could run through them with [[Roll]] if I try my best.

The strong looking one stopped and the rest of the small fry gathered around it.

He seems capable.

I could tell that the group was working as one unit, and whatever the boss says is absolute. If it’s going to be like that then their ability to coordinate is going to be perfect.

Race: Red Ogre Ant    Race: Red Ogre Ant

State: Normal              State: Normal

Lv: 25/55                      Lv: 24/55

HP: 230/230               HP: 226/226

MP: 71/71                    MP: 69/69

Race: Red Ogre Ant       Race: Red Ogre Ant

State: Normal                 State: Normal

Lv: 25/55                        Lv: 27/55

HP: 230/230           HP: 239/239

MP: 71/71               MP: 75/75

Race: Red Ogre Ant

State: Normal

Lv: 24/55

HP: 226/226

MP: 69/69

Alright, close enough!

That strong guy stayed behind as well!

Their average level is 2 lower than the ones before! Oh yeah!, with this I might be able to break through, and the two level difference is within the error margin! Although they will act differently this time, with so many of them this is trivial.

I take a look behind. I could see the ball rabbit wrinkling its eyebrows as its using [[Telepathy]] on the hordes of red ants.

The red ants are coming forward. Seems like they are ignoring it, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.

I thrust my fangs against the wall. If the red ants made this wall using their clay skill, then I should be able to destroy it.

Even if my fangs are chipped it’s a small matter.

I bit about five times before the last one was able to go through.

Useless, this wall is too damn hard. I could do it if I had a little more time but that’s not something I can afford right now.

It’s also questionable if we could even manage to escape if this passage collapsed. After all, it’s not possible to go back the way we came, and if everything falls we’ll be buried alive along with the rest of them.

….If the ball rabbit was alone would it be able to run away? If a small hole could be opened then the ball rabbit may be able to pass through it, and if it digs there won’t be any danger in it collapsing. As long as it makes the hole big enough for it to move through then Nina will also be able to get through.

Is this the end? For it to end like this.

Living in such a dangerous place, I guess it would turn out this way. Rather, I should say that I did good surviving up till now based on how reckless I’ve been.

It’s a pity that I wasn’t able to properly turn into a human…which I once was, but soon I will just be a rotting corpse with no revives.

Although I’m not to certain, but I’m sure humans reflect like this when their life is flashing before their eyes.

If I’m at least able to save one rabbit and one human, then it would have been well worth my while.

Since I couldn’t become a human, I somehow felt that having a human depend on me was enough. Ah, now I’m slightly scared.


I roar while driving my fangs into the hole in the wall. Ah, my fangs seriously hurt, and my teeth aren’t better off. I plunge my claws into the hole and pull to try spreading the crack further apart.

The ball rabbit should be able to escape with this much.


I know it’s bad but I’ll be depending on the ball rabbit to take care of Nina. For me, she is the only human in this world with whom i’m associated with.

“pefu!” “pefu!”

The ball rabbit approaches me while crying.


I cried out loudly as I stopped the ball rabbit from coming closer. Then gazed at the empty hole on the wall telling it to head there.


I roar as loud as I could and rush into the ant horde with [[Roll]]. This will be my last [[Roll]].

I’m not worrying about the strain on my body or control, the only thing I will do is my best. It’s not possible to mow down that many of them, but I can at least buy some time.

“kucha!” “kuchaaaa!”

It looks like the ants thought I was cornered as I was able to go through some of them easily. Two of them were immediately sent flying, but I was stopped on my tracks by four of the ants in the back.

“kucha!” “kucha!” “kucha!”

“kucha!” “kucha!”

My body is being encased with red soil. They’re being thorough, as more of them gather and also start pouring red sand on me. They want to completely stop my movement.

But you will not get me this easily!


I roar as I stand flailing my arms and legs. The clumps of red sand clinging to my body crumbles and scatters around. Good thing this was not as strong as what they used to build the passage walls.

Looking at my rage the red ants take a step back.


I roar again.

“kucha!” “kuchaa!”

Although several red ants took a distance from me, they made sure to surround me to keep me from running.

I don’t plan to run away, so surround me as much as you want.

I raise my arms and swing my claws around with all my strength to beat them down. The possibility of receiving a counter is high but I’m not really worried about damage at the moment.

“ku, kucha…..”

As a result from being frightened from my sudden attack the red ants weren’t able to come up with a counter. The red ants in front were skewered with my claws. Were these ants low level? They stopped moving after one strike.

[384 experience points obtained] [Title Skill [[Walking Egg: Lv–]] activated, 384 bonus points obtained] [[[Evil Plague Dragon]]’s Lv increased from 42 to 44]

Anger arose in the surrounding red ants as their impatience could be easily read.

No matter how good this felt however, it won’t be easy to escape from here. Especially now that I’m surrounded and they are more likely to jump in to stop me. If it were that easy to escape I wouldn’t have had to struggle so much against the other two I fought before.

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