Ch. 174 The End of The Lord of the Desert

The lower half of the Giant Centipede, separated from the rest of its body, thrashes about uncontrollably. Body fluids gush out from the separated sections, as it squirms about randomly and hits the ground, gouging it out.

Come to think of it, Centipede, since your body structure is jointed, can you move around without a head? I expect that it will exhaust itself immediately.

I’d be an idiot to get too close and be caught up in such a thing and to die as a result. Let me get away quickly. The problem is not the rampaging body, but the remaining half with the head. It should have taken considerable damage, but that guy is still alive. I should quickly give it the finishing blow.


Race: Giant Sand Centipede

Status: Enraged (large), Bloodshed (large)
Lv :64/80
HP :132/463
MP :142/244


Oou, it still has one third of its HP left? Is this how your regeneration works? Is it treating its blood loss? Well, anything is fine.

The Giant Centipede looks up while lying on its back, our eyes meet and it quickly flips its body over to prepare itself.


It completely snaps. I am not referring to its body being cut into two, but it losing its temper.

Again, red light gathers at the mouth of the Giant Centipede. It intends to quickly release another Centipede Beam.

I spread my wings and fly over the top of the Giant Centipede. It was easy to gauge, because of the accumulated beam in front of its mouth and because I have an understanding of how long it takes to charge the beam, that there is nothing to be wary of.

I immediately land on its back behind its head. From this position, the centipede shouldn’t be able to hit me with the beam. The Giant Centipede shakes its head from side-to-side while firing the Centipede Beam, drawing a large line in the desert. Yosh yosh, use your MP in vain.

The Giant Centipede then starts twisting its body in an effort to force me off. I kick off from its shell and fly, landing on the ground and using [[Roll]] to dash through the desert.

I will run away for now. If I run around, I can expect it to K.O. from the blood loss. It seems a considerable amount of blood is going to its head, and there is no way to create any distance from the Giant Centipede.


The Giant Centipede is pursuing. It pushes its way through the sand, scattering body fluids in the desert while pursuing. However, compared to its considerable speed before it was severed in two, is its speed still dropping? If I seriously hurry right now, I could easily escape.  Currently, I’m adjusting my speed as to not escape.

I periodically check behind me. Near the mouth of the Giant Centipede, red light is gathering again. Oi oi, the Centipede Beam fires too frequently, is its MP not completely exhausted?  It’s completely lost its composure.

I accelerate at once and turn left. I trace a circle on the ground, aiming for the back of the remaining half of the Giant Centipede. The Centipede Beam follows behind me, but I pull away as soon as its angle nears me. Beyond that, it is necessary for it to twist its body a lot. It will not be as fast as turning its head to aim.

Aiming at the severed part, the place where there is no shell, I tackle it while maintaining [[Roll]].


Its flesh gouges, body fluids start gushing out with more force. It will be impossible with only a single shot, but if I keep on striking it with two or three more shots…

The Giant Centipede raises its speed to get away from me. Of course, I stick close behind and chase after it. It seems the roles of the hunter and the hunted have suddenly been reversed, Giant Centipede.

Its speed continues to consistently drop. It’s inevitable now, Giant Centipede. Even though there should be a status abnormality, its HP is not going to decrease that easily.

Your pointlessly gigantic body seems to be your downfall. There is probably no way you can be saved in this situation.

That being said, I am also getting tired. At this rate, if I continue to deal with the Giant Centipede’s toughness, it doesn’t seem like I can hold out. I hope that it will kick the bucket soon.

From behind, I tackle it to change its direction, leading it towards the big hill where the Giant Centipede and I had collided earlier. I accelerate at once to take advantage of the angle at the peak. While grabbing the Giant Centipede, I flew into the air. Currently, the Giant Centipede’s weight has instantly dropped by one third due to its successful ‘cutting’ diet.  If it weighs this much, it can be lifted a little bit.

The body of the Giant Centipede completely floats in the air. Of course, I can’t hold it for long, so it only floats for a few seconds. Our altitude drops quickly, the head of the Giant Centipede scrapes against the ground, and the carapace on its head is shaved off.

As I am becoming unable to support it as I fly, I twist my body to overturn the Giant Centipede.

“Ji, jijijijii……jii……”

An unpleasant sound comes from the Giant Centipede, as it becomes weak. The movement of its multiple legs begin to slow. After all, it seems that it no longer has enough strength to raise its body.


Race:Giant Sand Centipede
Condition:Blood Loss (large)
Lv :64/80
HP :7/463
MP :98/244


Remaining HP……7? Finally, the Lord of the Desert lays its back on the ground.

When I think about this fellow, I’ve had a long relationship with him since I came to the desert.

I’d never held feelings other than hostility and fear for the Giant Centipede, however I’m now vaguely experiencing some other feelings.

Maa, minimal feelings were there. Giving it a quick death to end its suffering is the least I can do.

I get onto the belly of the Giant Centipede, kick off from the carapace, and fly directly upwards. Pushing against the air with my wings, I aim for even a little bit higher. When I reach the limit, I tuck my tail, limbs, and head into [[Roll]] and turn with full power. In that state, I descend aiming at the belly of the Giant Centipede.

Umu, I will call this technique [[Wrecking Ball Drop]]. God’s Voice-san, add this skill.

I gradually increase in speed using gravitational acceleration and crash into the Giant Centipede’s belly.

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Rip centipede. You were a persistent bad guy that made the entrance as far back as 109.

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Conor McGroarty
The centipede is a dumb hot-headed muscle brain after all. It may have been able to live if it tried to carefully cauterize the wound with the heat ray and ran, but it didn’t and will serve as a stepping stone for MC (even if the centipede had become max level, it had already blocked off any future evolution by choosing its current final form). This should bring MC close to evolving into his A-rank evil dragon form but will need to see a certain ant nest to top himself off and increase the resulting level of whatever his A-rank… Read more »

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